Certified Anger Management Therapists

When you hit rough waters, I can teach you skills to calm the storm and save your relationships.

We will explore how to use focused attention to sense and alter the wild flow of energy and information that creates havoc in your life.

— Arlene Foreman

More than 30 years of experience helping individuals and couples with anger issues.

  • Our program satisfies court and probation anger management requirements

  • Clients have the option to meet with a counselor individually or in group classes

  • We offer affordable pricing and flexible hours during the daytime and evenings

Who needs anger management classes?

For roughly 20% of the population, chronic anger is a very real but solvable problem. If you are among that 20% and anger is getting in the way of your values, goals, relationships or your ability to succeed at work, make an appointment today. I work with clients seeking elective and court ordered anger management counseling.

How does anger management work?

Using the latest psychological research, technology and problem solving techniques, I will help you to:

  • Relax - Learn to relax with a mix of traditional, computer-aided, and biofeedback technologies.
  • Manage Your Physiological Response - Regain control of your anger, Understand how anger affects your body and how it impairs your ability to problem solve and process information.
  • Identify the Root Causes of Anger - Discover the underlying causes of anger including resentment, entitlement, toxic anger and addictive cycles.
  • Focus on Compassion - Anger and compassion are incompatible. Focusing on compassion will help you dissipate your anger.
  • Learn Skills for Managing Your Anger - There is a difference between feeling your anger and expressing your anger, You will learn ways to avoid acting out in a rage when experiencing angry feelings.
  • Develop Assertiveness and Problem-Solving Skills - Anger is a response to a problem, never its solution. You will learn effective skills that enable you to gain control of you life and act according to what’s really important to you.

Techniques That Work

Using the newest and latest problem solving techniques, I teach self-management of toxic and chronic anger through redirection of uncontrolled feelings.

I will help you identify the difference between healthy and toxic anger. You will learn effective skills that enable you to gain control of your life and act on what’s really important to you.

Upon Completion Of This Program, You Will Be Better Able To:

  • Save your mind and body from out-of-control emotions
  • Understand how to resolve resentment
  • Replace blame and anger with compassion for yourself and others
  • Prevent rage from overtaking you.
  • Experience conflict with more serenity and perspective
  • Graduate with a certificate that satisfies court, employer and school requirements

Call me today and change your life.
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